Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mary's Bio or CV

American engraver and painter Mary Eisman was born in Florida and grew up in Argentina, Aruba, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Greece. She lived for extended periods in the United States, Greece, Puerto Rico and Portugal. For the past 20 years she has lived and worked in her own engraving studio in the mountain village of Mijas overlooking the Costa del Sol near Malaga in Spain.

She regards herself as fundamentally self-taught although she attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Engraving Workshop of the Cultural Department of Fuengirola in Spain, the Gravura Engraving Workshop in Málaga, and the Mijas Art Center.

She has participated in 23 group exhibitions in Málaga. Her engravings have been shown at galleries in various parts of the United States and Spain. Her work decorates the Hotel Palacio de Figaredo in Mieres, Asturias, and is represented in hundreds of private collections. The municipality of Mijas uses several of her engravings as posters and motifs for events such as the International Day celebration each year.

Mary Eisman’s work can presently be seen at the Galería Arboreda in El Ferrol in Galicia Province, at the Galería Lecrin in Almuñecar in Granada Province, at El Taller in Mijas, at Beneventum in Madrid and at the Blue Heron Gallery in Hinesburg, Vermont.


Rosa said...

Thank you Maggi, I just enjoy the story about Marys way to become a creative artist and I look at her work with new eyes, i se things I dit not se before, interesting how mush more "personel" it feels, when you gett it on a blogg. This is a wery good blogg to visite. I will invite friend to visite. This is nice, keep coming.

Sam, Newcastle said...

Hi, Please can you let me know where I can look at some of Mary's animal pictures featuring the Giraffe & friends. I will be in spain for a few days towards end of June. I am looking for a gift for my god daughters christening and think these pictures are perfect. Thanks, Sam