Saturday, June 21, 2008

Where can I see Mary's etchings?

Some of you have asked where you can see Mary's etchings if and when you are visiting Spain (I have just now realized that there are some comments! thank you!! - I learn and see something new every time I go on the site).

Mary is at the market in Puerto Banus (Nueva Andalucia) every Saturday from 9:30ish to 2 pm. It is a huge market and she is at the top of the hill in the shopping center area where there is an underground parking and a supermarket (SuperSol). Mary's stand is located in the center (of the shopping center) across from the gentlemen who sell the Panama hats. Another option is to give her a call and come by the studio to see her work. The phone number (dialing in Spain) is 95-248-60-35 ( add a 34 at the front if dialing from outside the country).

If none of that works and you have something specific in mind, I can email you some pictures in the theme you are looking for - yes, I know, where IS that website??

Thanks for the comments - keep them coming, now that I know where to look for them!


leisa watson said...

I am Leisa Watson, your son Chris's sister-in-law. I have always admired your drawings when I am at their house. I have Gina show what she has. I am really fond of sheep and would like to see what you have in the way of sheep drawings. I ma also going to be a first time Grandma and love all your drawings with children and animals. Please let me know what you have in the way of sheep and a preview and price guide of your other work as well. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank You

Dowty and Leisa Watson
195 graham dr
Brumley MO 65017

conmibolsoacuestas said...

Hi, I love Mary Eisman´s drawings, we have two in our home. I would like to see more of her work. Thank you!

Big kiss from Madrid